Best day

Today my Mum, Dad, Timothy the hounds and I went for a picnic.  

It was perfect a secluded corner of the park, a picnic bench with table cloth and blanket well at least on the girls side of the bench and a very delicious lunch.  

After lunch we we enjoyed a walk around the park Tinkerbell on her wheels who was rather slow and steady on the way up the large hill but a speedy roadrunner on the way down.  

The weather was perfect the company great but what really seemed to make this day perfect was the enjoyment Tinkerbell seemed to have.  

Tinkerbell did have a rest under the pram but even then seemed relaxed with her ears blowing in the cool breeze.  

It really filled me with great joy to spend the day with my family but especially knowing Tinkerbell who truly gives so much had such a wonderful time.  If you’re not a pet owner you probably won’t understand but after all Tinkerbell has been through moments like this fill a heart with joy.  

Happy Monday Friends!

P.s Most defiantly a fantastic beginning to my week.


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