All in a row

With Tinkerbell sunning herself and Timothy in the Baby Bjorn carrier securely on my back I picked some of the raspberries.  

I washed them and sat each onto the kitchen paper in neat rows to dry.  

I was impressed with actually how many I’d been able to pick.  Last year I’d made the mistake of waiting too long to harvest, not this year!  

I’ve still more to pick which is pretty exciting, especially with a plant my husband was less then pleased about having to uproot and bring from our old house two years ago.  

This once humble small Jamie Oliver raspberry plant had very little going on but now has taken over a significant patch of the garden.  

The apples on the trees are beginning to grow and the strawberries have gone wild.  Sadly my mint has died a terrible death since I reholmed it but I’m hopeful that next year it will be back with a vengeance.

The blackberry cuttings my husband again didn’t understand why I’d chosen to bring them along have steadily begun to find a home in the garden and this autumn I’m anticipating many blackberries for lovely pies and crumbles.  
I hope that your gardens are flourishing.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


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