Check in

I thought that I’d check in with those who read what I share on my blog…

So last Saturday we celebrated half way to Christmas.  You’re probably thinking, is that an actual thing?  Followed by really you celebrated Christmas in June?  The answer is Yes and Yes!  

I invited my parents to join us for a meal, I played Christmas music, put up a tiny tree, we all wore Christmas tops except my Dad, had a Christmas candle burning and my little knitted nativity out.  Yes it was festive.

On Sunday I hosted a baby shower at my house I decorated and they brought the food.  Perfect!  

Monday…. here we are once again and today I took down the curtains in my bedroom in preparations for my new curtains which should be arriving next week.  I decided last week to give my bedroom a mini make over…which I’ll share in due course.  

The curtains from my bedroom I put them into the guest room and the guest room curtains have got rid of.  

At the moment I feel that I want to create a bedroom which truly sparks joy and for a little while now the décor hasn’t.  
Timothy is still very much enjoying his playroom which truly sparks joy for me.  

My husband is fantastic, what more can I say, a little sleep deprived but life is so very good.  

Happy Monday Friends!  


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