Father’s First

Last year my husband was away on a work related trip, over Father’s Day, who even plans such silly times to be away?  This year is my husband’s second Father’s Day but first spent with Timothy.  

To celebrate we visited a new Church as my husband had the Sunday off which doesn’t really happy often so it was an especially nice and relaxing part of our day.  

After a fantastic morning at Church and a very long drive home because of terrible traffic I made my husband a delicious Manwich.  A Man Sandwich for Father’s Day.  

A triple layer sandwich consisting of sausages, bacon, cheese and egg.  

My husband was a very happy father indeed.  

It really has been a very special time spent together.  I’m so thankful for my husband, who provides for his family and loves unconditionally.  

Tomorrow we will get the opportunity to celebrate with my Dad who is not only a great Dad but an even more fantastic Grandad.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


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