It began early

So today began early I got up at 4am and for a total of two hours and twenty minutes I ironed.  It wasn’t a preplanned activity.  The morning ironing was due to Timothy.  

Later in the morning around 9.30am we all head out to do the food shopping and visit the pet shop for Tinkerbells food.  

With the weather gloriously bright and warm while Timothy slept I worked in the garden at the front of the house pulling up weeds, cutting over hanging plants and sweeping the driveway I was outside for over an hour.  

Later with Timothy awake and after I’d given him lunch I decided to spend some time in the back garden and get that looking tidy.  I thought it would be a great idea to get the family outside to help.  

I had begun, Timothy was in his playpen and Tinkerbell sunning herself but my husband was hiding inside.  I called him a couple of times and finally managed to get him to join me and help.  

I had a small yet necessary job for my husband to do which was to pull up some plant/weeds which I didn’t want growing.  The only problem is the lower part of the garden where the area I needed him to work on is spider-ridden which was the reason why I needed his help.  

Well my husband is grumbling about the easy task and as I went to inspect the work for the third time I noticed a spider on his back. I screamed and ran away from him shouting “Oh no a spider on your back” and “I can’t get it off” (not that I was going to try as I’m so frightened of them) followed by “you need to take your clothes off”.  

That is the last time I’ll be asking for the help of my husband and probably the last ever time he helps garden. 

As a result of this horrible incident I’ll be contacting our gardener to come and finish the job.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  


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