Grenfell Tower

The latest horrific event in the UK is the fire in Grenfell Tower.  

While listening to Radio 4 this morning the fire was discussed and it was mentioned how fire checks had been carried very recently a matter of months ago.  

It absolutely disgusts me that some people’s lives just don’t matter at all.  

Why was the building not equipt for dealing with a fire a glossy fancy apartment block would?  

A baby its been reported was thrown from around the 10th floor and was thankfully caught but what about the Mother?  

Babies and children defenseless, living in such poor accommodation.  Why did their lives not matter why did their existence come to an abrupt end?  

Mother’s who kiss their children good night, why don’t they matter.  

I don’t understand why some people’s lives seem to be worth protecting while others don’t seem to be worth anything at all.  

I’m going to teach my son that this world is full of injustice and that our responsibility  is to speak out for those who have no voice.  

As I lay my son down in his crib to sleep I thank God for my abundance of blessings and remember those who the corporations care not about. 


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