All Lives Matter

I’m devastated that my country has suffered another terrorist attack.  

I’m fortunate to have known incredibly kind and peaceful Muslims who seek out to practice their religious belief’s harmoniously.  Do I believe in their god no, I worship the God of the Bible but I respect their choice likewise I show respect all religious groups  as long as the practice in a way that doesn’t harm others or push their religious belief’s onto me as an individual or this country.  

I don’t understand why anyone would want to hurt anyone in such a horric way like the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London or worse end their life.  

The terrorists want to make people frightened and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable whenever I see a young Muslims in Islamic dress it shouldn’t be the case but it does.  I don’t want to feel this way I have love for all as we regardless of gender, religion or nationality are all created in the image and likeness of God the Bible says.  

Islam is a religion of all colours of people however often people identify those who are Muslim as being Asian.  

My beautiful just turned 17 month old is half Asian.  

My husband is Asian I don’t want people to put either of my wonderful family into the same category as a handful of extremists who have little regard for the beauty of all lives.   I don’t want people to see them (when my son is older) and associate them with terrorism.  Christians like Muslims come in all colours.   
A slogan, rightly once said Black Lives Matter.  I think instead it needs to be updated to ALL Lives Matter. 

Stay safe and never forget that all lives matter.  


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