Say NO to the mess

Today we were looking after Max.  

Max is my parents Doberman.  Max was amazingly well behaved all day long he even helped my husband Konmari his clothes whilst I was out with Timothy.  

I had taken Timothy to a Saturday Mess Around session possible the first in the area.  

I wasn’t a particular fan or the idea of Timothy getting completely covered in a multitude of various substances but I’ve seen pictures of friend’s babies enjoying such delights I decided to give it a go.  

When we arrived we waited with under 5s and their parents to enter the area the messy play was happening.  One by one we signed in passing this touchy kissy couple (not part of the messy experience I don’t think).

I never been to Ibiza I can’t say I’ve ever really wanted to.  Today however gave me a glimpse into what it may well be like.  Loud music banging away, which is all good and well but not appropriate I don’t think for a baby/toddler environment.  

The hall the Mess Around was held in was completely filled with parents and children.  I think groups are great when they have a positive atmosphere filled with lots of mini people and their parents but this was just too much.  

Timothy just stood where I’d placed him after finding a suitable area to put the changing bag.  Timothy didn’t seem impressed I showed him a little ball which you roll down a tunnel he stood frozen.  

I decided to sit with him on my knee to look around and feel reassured then decided to take him to a non messy area with dried pasta.  

Timothy seemed happy just to sit and look and play with the dried pasta for around 30 minutes, he didn’t try to crawl or stand or walk to another area he simple sat playing with the pasta with me, looking around occasionally and sitting frozen.  

The staff kept trodding around taking pictures of everyone one lady narrowly missed standing on a baby crawling.  

After 30 minutes of the messy play we left early.  

This is one activity which we won’t ever be returning to.  Clearly this works for some but for myself and Timothy it didn’t or at least this company and its organisers didn’t hold the event as I imagined it would be held.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  


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