What all parents need

It’s taken me nearly 17 months of being a parent to realise what all parents need in their lives… a playroom.  

Before Timothy was born we had said or possible more correctly I’d suggested that when Timothy was older he we use the basement (family room) as his playroom.  I was thinking that this would be around 3 or 4 years of age.  

After numerous times of removing Timothy from off the chairs in the sitting room, attempting to climb into the fireplace and getting stuck behind the settee I’m reclaiming my once tranquil space.  

It’s not that I don’t want Timothy in the sitting room it’s just he’s not safe to be in there unattended even  for a minute.  

So during Timothy’s lovely two hour nap today my husband helped me to rearrange the family room.

Sadly I don’t have before pictures however this is  a little glimpse of what the new playroom looks like. 

I kept a chair for story time.  

Timothy’s toy area is along one wall and that comprises of all the furniture!  

We have ordered a room divider which should arrive by the end of the week until then its the play pen for Timothy.  
The other side of the room comprises of a small work area for my husband.  

Along with a snug style area which provides a nice area to watch films or for my husband to have any meets which take place at home in the evening.  

Defiantly one happy Mummy!  Oh and hopefully a happy Timothy too!  


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