And then seven

Tinkerbell will be turning seven years old tomorrow.  

Today Tinkerbell and two other doggy pals went to the beach, along with my friends and Timothy’s little baby friend.  

My husband stayed at home to work and therefore  because taking both Timothy and Tinkerbell would be a little difficult my husband was in charge at home.  

On the beach Tinkerbell had a little wheel around however on certain parts it was a little impossible for her to move but I can say that she tried her very best.  

While the other two dogs charged around the beach having a fantastic time Tinkerbell sat on the edge of the picnic blanket one of my friends had brought along relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  

On my return home Timothy was fast sleeping when he did wake up shortly after my arrival home I fed Timothy and he fell back to sleep!  

We all had to leave shortly after I arrived home to attend a wedding and so my husband had to wake Timothy and change his clothes otherwise I’m unsure how long he would continue to sleep.  My husband must of worn him out!  

Spending time just with Tinkerbell was wonderful.  I do realise that Tinkerbell is completely unaware that it is her birthday tomorrow however I’m very sure that she appreciated a lovely time on the beach.  

Happy Seventh Birthday Tinkerbell!  


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