Me and Donald

I hardly ever sit down to eat breakfast or lunch it’s not because I’ve Konmaried all the chairs and dining table it’s because of Timothy. 

Timothy always enjoys his meal sat comfortably in his seat.  I on the other hand seldom have this opportunity I’m always on the go.  

Today was different after visiting with a lovely friend I decided to fill up the car with fuel and at the same time treat myself to a McDonald’s.  I’ll admit McDonald’s isn’t great but I do on occasion favour a little junk food, I think it’s a good way to kick start my metabolism.  

So I drove through the drive through with Timothy sleeping soundly and ordered, parked my car and enjoyed my meal sat down.  No jobs to distract me, no baby to feed just me and my McDonald.  

Timothy didn’t even know I’d stopped the car.  

One wonderful meal.  

Happy Thursday Friends!


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