New School

Timothy is only 16 months but we have already been contemplating and discussing the the plans we have for his education.  

I realise that some may find this unnecessary at this moment in time however we have already viewed a possible school for his education between three and six and possible up to the age of eleven.  

Having a plan for Timothy and for life in general my husband and I feel is extremely important.  Planning ahead will mean that we have ample time to explore the various options and make an informed decision.  

One size doesn’t fit all and that’s why it’s great that we get to have choice’s.  

As a parents new to this journey of big decision making at only 16 months I realise that the choice’s my husband and I make needed to be intentional.  I take Timothy to various lead groups which I hope will help him to develop well.  

Someone once told me that she’d been told when her baby was little that from day one the job of the parent is to teach the child how to be independent….wise words to ponder on.  

With Timothy snuggled in his sleeping bag I sit watching him mulling over in my mind how best I get him to achieve all that God would have him achieve.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!


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