Laundry and cake

Today began like most mornings with a 6am wake up time (that’s me waking up Timothy) followed by washing and dressing Timothy.  Once ready before breakfast my husband helped me change the bedding.  

I thought that Timothy would enjoy a little house made from the bedding, he actually didn’t really like it strung across his playpen attached to the chair and the bed post.  

Timothy did enjoy my husband and I swinging him gently from side to side inside a fitted sheet!  

My lovely Mum and Dad spent a good part of the day with us which was really good.

Whilst my husband got on with some work we enjoyed our hot chocolate and a cake in the city.  

Dad and Timothy had a little walk outside whilst I finished my delicious courgette and lemon cake.  

After a great day together Timothy went straight off to sleep, for how long it’s really anyone’s guess but for now he’s sleeping like a baby!  

Happy Saturday Friends!  


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