Mummy’s little helper

We usually have someone come over and do a little tidying of the garden however the last couple of times I’ve actually found joy spent in the garden tidying.  Now admittedly the joy from the garden used to come only from sitting and enjoying the beauty however since I Konmaried our home I do believe with my sense of gained time I’ve also gained enthusiasm for gardening.  

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon gardening in the front garden.  Tinkerbell on her doggy wheels and Timothy safely in his playpen that was until he seemed mesmerised by the outdoor brush.  

I took Timothy out of his playpen and let him loose with the brush.  It’s amazing to think he’s only still 16 months but knew what to do and really seemed to enjoy this experience.  

Before I got married I worked in a boy’s school it’s amazing how the boy’s used to see cleaning up the classroom as a treat, cleaning the tables an ultimate favourite!  

It will be lovely as Timothy gets older and can be responsible enough to help, clearly he’s already learnt by modelled behaviour how to sweep.  

This afternoon Timothy, Tinkerbell and I spent around 45 minutes together sunning ourselves, it was actually fairly stifling the heat of the afternoon sun surprisingly and therefore that was the reason our time outside was pretty short.  

With the weather tomorrow forecast for rain I don’t imagine that we will be spending the afternoon outside!  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


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