Justified time

Whilst Timothy was enjoying a nap after his dance class this morning I decided to do a little baking. 

Yesterday I decided that I’d try and bake at least once a week.  Baking is something I take great satisfaction in doing however with Timothy and then on top of that all the Konmari organisation I’ve not really had time.  

Having a little me time is still important I’ve concluded.  I adore being Timothy’s Mummy but wanting to do something for the sheer fun of it just for me I think is justified.  

Out at night wouldn’t work with my husband’s commitments and Timothy’s unpredictability but those moments when he sleeps it’s for me, well some of it anyway! 

Today I made a Jam Roly Poly cake.

An easy recipe that I’d never before made using some of the lovely fig jam which we had bought at the end the weekend.  

This evening I even did a little illustration which really did make me feel good and again which I’m planning to do each evening.  

I think some parents especially mother’s feel that going out the house is what they need which is fab, but for me during this moment in my life I’m thrilled with an uninterrupted hour to bake or illustrate.  

Happy Monday Friends!  


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