Two pairs one day

I would like to begin my blog by saying that I have been shoe shopping but I haven’t.  I do need to get a couple of pairs of pretty shoes however today it was all about mini Karma.  

We didn’t do a go to Clarke’s and get your first pair of shoe’s visit.  Honestly this is just a personal opinion, Timothy can walk, no he isn’t road worthy and yes his feet are still developing so I’ve decided to put off getting shoes for a little while yet.  I realise that some parents like having even the tiniest baby in shoes and that’s great however my personal preference is to say shoes less!  

Well that is except for these two pair’s of shoe’s. 

The red Wellington’s are the exact ones I used to wear as a baby and possible my sister also.  Now Timothy gets to walk in his Mummy and Aunty’s shoe’s!  

The second are some beautifully soft leather shoes I bought from Amazon for £6.99 which I think is a great price and perfect for Timothy to practice wearing footwear.  

Timothy has very much enjoyed his new footwear which is defiantly a great start.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  


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