Many uses

Timothy will play contently in his playpen.  As soon as he wakes whilst I’m preparing to give him a bath, then after breakfast.  My faithful play pen follows Timothy and I around the house it’s been one of the best baby related buys.  

The faithful playpen also acts as a fire guard.  The fire is electric and seldom used the danger really being the hearth.  

The playpen is at times used to put Tinkerbell and her bed.  Timothy and Tinkerbell really do love each other.  Timothy doesn’t understand how to be gentle around Tinkerbell and thus the need to separate.  

This solution doesn’t work for either party in question.  Tinkerbell spends her try crying and Timothy when he’s not playing with his toys throwing toys but in particular balls over into the playpen.  

My friend once used her playpen as a safe space to iron in.  I realise that playpens aren’t really popular at the moment however I’d be lost without mine!  

Happy Friday Friends!


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