Use the dishwasher

One would imagine that whenever the author Marie Kondo was mentioned in conversation spark joy and discarding came to the for front of their mind.  

Whilst discarding is part of the Konmari method also is the way items are stored important.  

I’ve had a wonderful and life changing experience thanks to Konmari I can say with hand on heart that it’s been truly transformational.  

Today I decided that even the most usual of kitchen items which make my kitchen tick such as the washing up bowl and draining board would be better stored.  

One space in the kitchen which is rarely used except on those days when we have guests or do a lot of cooking is the dishwasher.  Its possibly used no more than once or twice a week.  

I decided to take this wonderful space and use it for the storage of my washing up bowl and draining board.  

With it’s ideal storage for damp and dry items alike I knew it would be ideal and help create a cleaner and more ordered looking kitchen.  

The dishwasher sits just under the draining part of the sink making it a perfect location to transfer my dish washing items into for storage.  The internal draw handle is perfect to hang my cleaning clothes and I also have stored my container of sponges, soap and washing up liquid in the bottom draw.  

Now I’m very much undecided what will happen to this method of organisation when the dishwasher is in use this I will cross when I come to it.  For now I’m very happy with this storage solution.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  


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