Oxygen needed

My carbon monoxide detector arrived at the weekend.  I think that they are as important as fire alarms.  At the beginning of last week we found out that we had a significant gas leak thankfully we are all fine.  Although with such a horrible reality check and not wishing to ponder on the alternative outcome I ordered a carbon monoxide detector.  

This bank holiday my husband had been involved in a conference, speaking, hosting and organising 

Timothy and I went along to hear my husband who by the way was absolutely amazing, his words touching so many people personally.  One lovely lady said how she’d travelled just to hear my husband speak.  

I’m so pleased that my husband got the opportunity to put his oxygen mask on this weekend doing what he loves to do and being surrounded by people equally passionate.  

Timothy and I joined my husband this morning for the last part of the conference.  Extra loud music and this beautiful baby fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn carrier.  

My husband is defiantly one wonderful man and a fun Daddy to Timothy.  

Who else would try and jump over a apron like a skipping rope?  Whilst holding a book may I add!  

Tinkerbell is still doing well on her wheels.  We are waiting for her shoes to arrive so we can take her out for a walk!  

I just need to get my oxygen mask on so that I can help the rest of the Karma house.  
Happy Monday Friends!  


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