The new ride

A very kind and generous lady from the Dachshund community bought Tinkerbell my Miniature Dachshund some wheels.  

For those who may not be familiar Tinkerbell had spinal surgery over a year ago and unfortunately this didn’t restore the ability for her to use her hind legs.  The surgery did however take aware the terrible agonising pain she was in.  

A year later after a request to the Dachshund community for unwanted/ used wheels which we could buy from another miniature dachshund owner that were not too expensive a very wonderful lady offered to help Tinkerbell.  

This wonderful lady doesn’t know Tinkerbell or myself but selflessly said she would buy for Tinkerbell the wheels she needed.  

Well today the wheels arrived!  

Tinkerbell has enjoyed wheeling around on them especially whilst in the kitchen.  

I ordered some tiny waterproof doggy shoes for Tinkerbell to wear on her hind paws so that whilst on walks I can leave her legs down rather than have them suspended.  

I’m very excited about taking Tinkerbell to see my parents at the weekend as they have a dog, Max who she likes to chase around.  

We are so blessed by this act of great kindness and will treasure each moment Tinkerbell puts on her wheels.  

Tinkerbell doesn’t go on walks except sat under the pram which she loves however this will be wonderful for her to explore properly her surrounding and to reclaim an aspect which all dogs enjoy stopping and sniffing.  

I’m thankful to this wonderful lady for generously giving Tinkerbell and our family new possibilities.  I still can’t believe that someone, a stranger would show such incredible outrageous kindness.  

I took a little film of Tinkerbells day including her new wheels if you care to see her in action.  

Most defiantly a great way to begin the weekend.  

Happy Friday Friends!  


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