Enjoying the silence

Since most areas of my home have been Konmaried I can say I’m enjoying the silence and peace it truly brings.  

I admit I’ve been a little quiet on my blog and defiantly on my new YouTube ventre due to my new found peace which the Konmari method has brought me.  

I’ve managed to sell some of my good quality items successfully and donate lots to the charity shop. 

My house doesn’t seem to take any time at all to tidy up and the short nap taken by Timothy in the day gets used for rearranging my cupboards so that they spark joy.  

My journey so far has been truly transformational so much so that my husband actually noticed.  

My hope is that as I free my life of what I no longer need it will be left with and filled by joy.  

I’m even beginning to see the world around me differently.  

With more time now to spend with those I love getting organised the Konmari way surely can’t be a bad thing.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


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