It’s an animal

I shared in my last blog how my husband and I had bought with our nectar points a new Dyson vacuum from Sainsburys.  

The Dyson we bought  or technically acquired for free was the Dyson v6 animal.  A cordless and bag less vacuum.  

We charge the animal for the recommended time before taking it for a spin around the house.  

My husband is great around the house and knows his to use all such appliances washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum but when it cones to the vacuuming it’s nearly all my responsibility because I do the cleaning in the day whilst my husband is out at the office.  

I’m not sure who was more excited to try out the new Dyson him or I.  I can say that I got the first go.  

The v6 Animal has a small dirt collection cylinder which got filled fairly quickly.  This is for the following reasons:  A.  It’s a tiny cylinder in comparison to the large cumbersome Dyson we previously owned.  B.  We have a fair sized area to vacuum.  C.  The two vacuums we owned up until yesterday had seriously failed.  

The small cylinder isn’t at all a negative aspect I’m fairly pleased as it will mean I’ll empty it after each use to help keep it working efficiently.  

The Dyson might be small but wow does it have a powerful suction.  

The weight of the v6 animal is perfect for taking up and down the numbet of stairs we have in our home especially the spiral stair case.  

Getting under chairs, beds and the baby’s crib is no issue making cleaning under those hard to get to areas easy.  

The power life is limited if the MAX button at the very end of the Dyson is pushed.  However the regular suction will give around 24 minutes I believe.  

After a good few days of using the Dyson v6 animal I can firmly conclude that this is one perfect vacuum.  I would defiantly recommend this particular Dyson.  

Happy Friday Friends!  


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