Free Dyson

Today we took two, yes two vacuums to the tip.  We had a Dyson which was a moving in gift from my parents seven years ago when we bought our first home.  The second a stick vaccum we had bought possibly a little less than a year ago to replace to replace the heavy Dyson.  Living in a house spread over three floors including a spiral stair case the Dyson was cumbersome.  

Long story short recently both vacuums have been failing to do their job efficiently and yesterday was the final strew.  So today along with six bags of rubbish we bid farewell to both vacuums and took them to the tip.  

After the tip and a quick stop at the cash and carry we headed over to Sainsburys in search of our next vacuum.  

I’d set my mind on our next vacuum being a Dyson a British designed and bagless wonder.  My lovely husband agreed to buying a Dyson and joked that it was my Easter present.   

With three different Dysons to choose from we jointly agreed to go for the Dyson V6 animal on reduction at £220, I possible would of opted for the small upright corded vacuum identical to the one my parents have but followed the suggestion of my husband.  
We left happily without paying a penny!  

What I need to add here is that we used our nectar points to pay for the Dyson outright!  Happy Day!  

Here is a picture of the happy Karma family taking home the Animal!  

My husband was a little disappointed we had spent a considerable amount of our nectar points on the Dyson as he wanted to keep saving them  I thought it was a sensible use of our points.  

I’ll share in my next blog a review of the animal.  

A Very Happy Tuesday Friends!  


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