Yesterday I noticed how Tinkerbell seemed to be finding her bunny hop technique a little difficult.  Tinkerbell our miniature dachshund for those who aren’t familiar is our faithful hound who for over a year has been paralysed in her back legs.  Tinkerbell had spinal surgery which took away the pain however unfortunately she remained paralysed in the lower back and legs.  

Tinkerbell is wonderful and very much a part of our family her disability hasn’t stopped her at all however I worry that all the bunny hopping around the house is going to cause damage to the front half.  

Today I decided to ask if anyone in the miniature dachshund community had an unwanted wheelchair for Tinkerbell which we could buy.  

I had made a make shift wheels for Tinkerbell which when with my parents and their dog Max the Doberman wheels around wearing.  The make shift wheels however aren’t great and Tinkerbell isn’t a fan especially at home.  

The pink jacket is actually a life jacket which I attached to the over sized wheels and her little back legs drag on the floor which means she can’t use the wheels outside.  

One incredible lady this evening reached out to me and has kindly offered to pay for Tinkerbell to have some properly fitted doggy wheel’s.  

The thought that someone who doesn’t even know Tinkerbell or I would be so outrageously thoughtful and generous is difficult to believe.  

Tinkerbell is so loved by my family and I.  Yes she needs help going to the toilet, no she can’t walk using her hind legs but much life, joy and happiness can be found in Tinkerbell.  

This dear lady a stranger however an incredibly wonderful blessing to Tinkerbell and I.  I’m so very excited for when I’ll have the opportunity to update you on Tinkerbells new wheels.  It would be truly amazing if they arrive in time for her birthday beach party next month.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


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