Sell sell sell

With the Konmari method of organisation a top favourite in the Karma residence I’m selling a few larger items that no longer spark joy.  

Yesterday my husband helped me tidy the basement cupboard.  A extremely large space which I use to store my seasonal decorations.  

I required my husband’s help mainly because of my fear of spiders and secondly for his strength.  

The items including a further non basement cupboard one I decided to sell via Facebook.  

The money isn’t going to me instead it will be spend on the homeless or asylum seekers.  Anyway I’ve learnt I hate selling on Facebook.  

Advertising on Facebook is easy however many people honestly waist time. 

Potential buyers requiring step by step directions to my house,  one word Sat Nav! 

Other people saying they will defiantly collect and don’t turn up.  

What upsets me is when they get angry towards me for selling it to someone else.  Then I think about it over and over again worrying about it.  

Now I understand why people on their adverts put No Time Waisters!  

My basement cupboard is now extremely organised with many unwanted items disposed of.  

Anyway on a happy note Timothy seems to be konmari-ing his books!  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


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