Apology not needed

What is it with babies they either are very much asleep or ready to take on the world sometimes at the most inappropriate of times like when it’s night time.  

My friend had said how difficult sleep deprivation is especially with a very alert and ready to play baby in the early hours.  

I shared with her how Timothy had gone through a period not unlike her baby.  Waking up and not willing to go back to sleep instead he kept batting me with his hands.  Not fun at all.  This period of sleep deprivation not too long ago made me feel very down and almost angry towards Timothy for not letting me sleep.  

In these 15 short months I’m not an expert in how to be a parent but I do know it’s hard at times.  No one ever wants to share with you how hard times can be.  Instead keeping it to themselves so they appear as some incredible invincibles parent who’s got it all together.  

Another friend today apologised as she changed the nappy of her baby because her baby would become very distressed.  

I told her not to apologise.  Why do we feel the need to have to apologise about things completely out of our control.  

Why do mother’s especially feel that they continually need to apologise.  Sorry if my baby gets upset if my toddler has a massive moment if my teenager slams the door and the massive list continues.  

I recently had a conversation with a lovely midwife who told me that even The Duchess of Cambridge had shared once that even with the help she receives being a mother is hard.  

Honesty amongst mother’s is especially important, we can often find it hard to be but we shouldn’t.  

So stop apologising it’s fine and remember that being hit in the face by your older baby at 1am in the morning is pretty normal.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


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