Sensory Confessional 

Today Timothy graduated from Baby Sensory.  

Our Baby Sensory journey has truly been wonderful and sparked great joy.  The intimate moments of play, exploration and learning have been incredibly beautiful times where I have felt the ability to interact in a meaningful way with my baby.  

Baby Sensory has given me the tools to recreate a similar experience in my own home and also to share the joy with other mum’s of my love for Baby Sensory by inviting them along to classes, holiday specials and free events.  

Timothy also had a Baby Sensory party for his first birthday back in January which was amazing with 14 of his baby friends.  I wanted to do something which was meaningful and a way to share the Baby Sensory love with my mummy friends.  I hoped that this would also provide them with a joy sparking moment with their babies.  

One of the most special times was during Baby Valentine and again today a slow dance with our babies.  A truly amazing point in time to bond.  I did cry thinking of the love I have for my son the joy that overflows and to marvel at how far he has developed.  

The book area of the expository play has always been Timothy’s favourite.  We have so many books at home which we read together, clearly he’s a book worm!  

Today as I thanked the teacher befire leaving Baby Sensory for the last time with Timothy I burst into tears.  Tears of sadness that this moment of Timothy’s educational experience had now expired, tears that I’d never share another incredible Wednesday morning at Baby Sensory surrounded by other parents and a teacher who makes each activity memorable.  

The reality hit me during my slow dance this morning with Timothy that my baby was growing up still a baby but moving ever so closer to the realm’s of toddlerhood which means potty training and long conversations.  

Now Timothy and I continue together on the journey taking with us these life transforming tools, special moments and seek to embark on the next stage of our beautiful life together.  

Thank you Baby Sensory we have truly been transformed.  


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