A baby and his box

Timothy enjoys sitting in boxes, carrying boxes and storing his toys in boxes. 

Yesterday evening I decided to organise my scarves with Timothy in his play pen before bed.  

The scarves came out and Timothy got in to my pretty basket.  

With this love of boxes I decided to buy Timothy his very own.  

After dance class with Timothy followed by a lovely hot chocolate with Mum and Dad I went into TKmax with Mum is search of a suitable box.  I wanted one which would easily crumple like those I had bought for Church to store the toys for the baby corner in.  However much bigger.  

I looked around both at the children’s storage and then the other storage followed by a further discounted area Mum had pointed out to me which had been reduced down to £8!  

The size and crumple factor where very important I suppose then followed by the design.  I wanted something nice that would fit well in the sitting room and would be able to be used nicely else where. 

Well meet the new box!  

The inscription reads ‘Sparkle and Shine’.  

The inside is really very fun too.

Timothy seems extremely happy and has enjoyed a playing with it this afternoon.  

Consider it a happy 15 month’s today gift Timothy! 

Happy Monday Friends!  


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