This evening I contemplate whilst nursing Timothy to sleep for the second time if I should select my outfit for tomorrow morning.  

On a week day I usually opt for my mummiform which consists of a Joules top and a pair of skinny jeans. 

Saturday’s I tend to mix it up a little and Sunday I like to push the boat out.  

I’ve always enjoyed getting dressed up for Church a pretty dress or skirt never trousers.  I’m not one of thoses people who don’t think women should wear trousers in Church but instead it’s a great reason for me to make an extra effort.  

Now the other thing to consider is what will the weather be like?  This for me makes outfit selections hard work.  

I used to always opt for black tights plan or fancy now I’m all about the navy.  I can’t remember the last time I wore black tights, I probably should of thrown them all out but when I Konmaried my clothes I kept a few of these joyless tights.  

With Timothy now asleep in his crib one again I really need to make a move to my wardrobe, dragging myself out of the comfy nursing chair in the nursery along the hall to the master bedroom.  

My motivation is when I proudly announce to my husband that I’ve picked what I’m wearing tomorrow his face will light up with joy knowing it will save time in the morning.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  


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