I’m not really into the high street fashion one of the reasons is that it really does change so fast and honestly I’m happy wearing clothes which are practical, pretty and well not in fashion.  

I Konmaried many items of clothing I think I probably could go through my clothes again and get rid of a few more.  

With being a Mummy who  job is to take care of our son it would be easy I suppose to not care about what I wore, slouching around.  However even though I don’t really follow fashion I would say I make an effort to put a nice outfit on each morning. 

The newest addition to my wardrobe was yesterday from White Stuff.  A lovely blazer style cardigan-ish sort of top.  

It’s also reversible.  

My fashionless self has noticed that blazers are on trend this season and have liked the idea but didn’t think particularly practical with a 14 month old.  This however is perfect.  

Fashion can be so much fun and can be an extension of ones personality.  

Watch my YouTube video for more on my Fashionlessness!  

Happy Friday Friends!  


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