Afternoon disappointment

I was wearing a pretty dress and lovely shoes.  Timothy was wearing a bow tie and looking rather smart for our afternoon tea with friend’s.  

I was so excited with Mother’s Day around the corner I thought that arranging for some of my friends to get together.  

One thing I do enjoy doing is getting my friends together and why not however this was an occasion which wasn’t a great success.  

I had been to this beautiful wedding location before for afternoon tea on a couple of occasions before which is set in picturesque countryside.  Here I had celebrated my sisters bridal shower which was lovely.  

The afternoon tea I expected was choice of sandwich, choice of cake, choice of tray bake along with a delicious scone.  

Today we got this.  No choice of sandwiches, a selection of cakes which looked like those purchased from a frozen distributor.  Jam in plastic pots rather than mini jar’s cream tasty as it was served on Chinese soup spoons and basic sandwiches with not a salmon one in sight.  

The scone was actually very tasty but I was very disappointed that I’d invited friends to what I thought would be a lovely afternoon tea.  

When I paid I asked the lady who served us why the afternoon tea had changed?  The long and short of it.  New catering team since November.  My response.  Disappointing.  

I shan’t be returning here again and feel that all I can do is cling on to the memories I have of a perfect afternoon tea I once or to be precise twice took great delight in devouring.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


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