Because I’m happy

Cue the song by Pharrell Williams.  Yes I’m happy and my husband’s even has said he has noticed that I seem happier and it’s all because of Konmari.  

I feel like I’m freeing myself and putting what I would say is a tidy order house into a home which truly is sparking joy.  

Yes this seems all that I currently talk about, blog and Vlog on but I’m so excited about what an incredible impact it’s made on my life.  

My hope or I suppose goal at the end if my Konmari process is to have real quality time to spend with Timothy not worrying that I had jobs to do.  

I’m actually really exciting about having so much time on my hards to spend with Timothy.  We do go to classes and spend time together all day every day but I want all our time together to be uninterrupted and thanks to the Konmari process I know it will be.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


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