This morning at 9am with one large black bin bag of clothes under the pram and two more large shopping bags one in each arm Timothy and I went to the charity shop to donate our items. 

The lady in the charity shop never said thank you for our large amount of clothes which was a little frustrating however we did thank her.  

Knowing that I no longer share our home with unwanted items is very freeing.  

Opening my wardrobe and knowing that it is not home to clothes that fail to spark joy.  

I decided it was important to take the clothes the next day so that I wouldn’t end up returning them to my wardrobe and also I didn’t want the clutter and clutter for me certainly doesn’t spark joy it actually makes me feel uneasy.  

The Konmari method of organisation I find is difficult with various responsibilities at home however not impossible.  I feel like at the end of this journey with everything in it’s place and only things which spark joy left will help create a peace in our home.  

Happy Friday Friends!  


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