My Konmari Method

I what everywhere in our home to spark joy.  It’s hard to follow the Konmari method to the letter with Timothy.  

However I’m trying to do what I can to allow my home to spark joy.  

Today I organised my fridge.  I bought containers from Wilkinson’s today and will return tomorrow to buy a couple more.  

This new storage system I feel will help keep my fridge in order and make cleaning easy.  

My baking cupboard.  I think the little red storage boxes are practical for containing the contents of this cupboard again from Wilkinson’s for a pack of 5.  

I organised a couple other draws and cupboards planning to do at least one a day, very un-Konmari but it works for my current situation.  

Following the kitchen organisation I moved onto my underwear and my husband’s, now sparking joy all around.  

Tomorrow my plan is Timothy’s clothes.  I did fold some of his sock.  How cute!  

If you’d like to see a little more about my organisation and day click on the link below to watch my YouTube video.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  


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