Thankfully our city doesn’t appear to have a massive homeless problem I don’t think although sadly I do see homeless individuals and it makes me feel terribly sad for them.  

Walking early to morning classes with Timothy on cold mornings has opened my eyes to the unfortunate state in some cases very young men and ladies who are homeless.  

After buying a few items here are there for some of those sleeping rough and taking to others about this I knew I needed to do something.  

I’m only one person but the little I can do I know would be appreciated and I’m convinced that even the gesture would show that actually these people who find themselves in a terrible situation are still valuable individuals and that people do care.  

I’m on a KonMari style method clean up of our home.  I decided that the little money I make instead of spending on myself, the house or Timothy that I’d use it to help others less fortunate.  

No I’m not taking any great deal of money at all.  Everyone is always looking for a bargain and clearly the price tag has to be low for anything to sell.  

Buying items which maybe would be considered a luxury, clearly not to many but I suppose something which normally wouldn’t be bought for a homeless person.    

My husband suggested using small bags so that I could keep some with me and give them out whenever the need arose.  

Tooth brush, hand gel, tissues, ear buds, sweets and cereal bar was what I bought along with some plastic food bags.  

£13 doesn’t go very far at all but it’s a start.   

I bagged up the items so each included the following and I made a total of 9.

My thought is that rather than just talking about the problem of homelessness which really shouldn’t be something we see on the streets of our country but play my part in a tiny way.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  


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