He’s a worm

Why do I have a wiggling worm as a son.  My husband is trying to hold Timothy whilst I put him in his sleeping bag.  

Timothy is ready to go to sleep, rubbing his eyes but will he relax no way.  

Since before Timothy turned 2 weeks old we were attending baby groups 1 week after he was born at Church.  Maybe I created a speedy Gonzalo who always has to be on the go.  Around 6 months Timothy was rolling over and now at 14 months he’s one speedy guy.  

Today however was a rather more relaxed day with a meet up with my parents, lunch together with my husband at home and cuddles, a nap, a little story and playing.  

If you’d like to watch a Vlog of my day here is the You Tube link.  

As I hold nursing my wiggling worm to sleep I’m very thankful that each day is an adventure we get to share together.  

Happy Friday Friends!  


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