Mr Livingston

I listen to the audio book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach recently.  

When I came across this book I actually thought that it was by an author called Jonathan Livingston and the title was Seagulls.  How wrong I was to presume such things.  

My husband had said to me that it was a very inspirational book and that he had read it a number of years ago.  However when I asked him about it he was unable to shead much light on this short novel.  
I listen to the audio book over a couple of days when I was ironing and it was peaceful.  

Surprised wasn’t the word when I realised that this inspirational book was about a seagull called Jonathan.  

As the audio book played I wanted for the pivotal point in the story the part that would transform my life.  I think it’s possible that my husband hyped it up and then I assumed that this book would be transformational.  

It’s very possible that if I listen to it again with a clear understanding of story line I may be able to appreciate this short novel.  I sadly didn’t feel inspired or made a life changing decision.  

Note to self never again ask my husband for a book review as I may never experience the desired wow factor that the author intended.  

The funny thing was that the other morning whilst I was getting Timothy’s breakfast I had put a baby sensory video on and a bird was on the video and my husband remarked oh look it’s Jonathan! 

Oh Timothy, guess what?  Jonathan Livingston isn’t a flying rat but indeed an inspirational seagull!  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  


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