To tap or not to tap

Who realised that this bundle of joy would cause a parenting dilemma at only just 14 month.  

We recently removed many dangerous object from the living  room, which included the coffee table which is clearly much better for Timothy but difficult when inviting people over for coffee!  

Timothy hasn’t been interested in the fire until this morning.  

My husband was getting ready for Church and has just left Timothy in the living room playing and I was taking some washing out of the machine and I decided to check on Timothy to find him eating one of the fire stone ornaments.  

Consequently the fire stones are over flowing out of a cereal box in the corner of the kitchen.  

Why with so much space to play and so many beautiful toys find the fire place so interesting and enjoy tapping on the perspex?  

I’ve tried saying no in a nice voice my husband tried no in a slightly harsh voice and Timothy began crying.  I’ve tried making Timothy away, showing him a toy to distract him.  I’ve even moved him into his play pen.  

Also I have considered ignoring Timothy with the tapping my husband has suggested we buy a fire guard which aesthetically I’m not a fan of however keeping Timothy safe comes first.  

Dealing with behaviour is my background.  However it’s just difficult with him being so little the route to  go down.  

Clearly removing the fire isn’t an option! 

I’m hoping very much that tomorrow Timothy will forget about the fire, some how I think he’ll remember.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


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