A little help from Dee

This morning Timothy and I visited Wickes to find/buy what we needed to attach the baby swing seat to what I’ve been referring to as the arbour which in fact  is the pergola!  

I came away with chains and a couple of dee shackles and on returning home after a visit to the pet shop we all headed outside with Timothy in the baby carrier to try out the swing.  

The two chains loop over one of the wooden beems of the pergola and the dee shackles join the chain and the swing together.  
What I like about Timothy’s swing is that I can very easily dismantle it and bring it inside.  This will help to keep it clean and spider free.  

Timothy seemed so excited about his swing and when my husband came home in the late afternoon we took Timothy Timothy outside again in his swing.  

Timothy when he found the squeaky horn on the swing seat found it fun to hit it and make it squeak.  

Looking at these pictures makes me think that I need to add pressure washing the patio to my list of things to do. 

The swing I hope will be lots of fun for Timothy and be a perfect place to put him whilst gardening or spending time outside during nice weather.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  

My Vlog for Saturday.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mtrl1FlzeUw


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