My cute bundle of joy

Timothy sometimes, ok a lot of the times makes me think to myself ‘how cute are you?’. This morning as I got Timothy ready to go in the bath he ‘read’ one of his books.  

After I’d put him in the bath I handed Timothy his tooth brush which he initially began waving around and then when I next looked the brush was in his mouth.  I can’t say he was brushing his teeth but we are working on it.  

Breakfast was mummy’s three ingredient flapjacks; oats, banana and berries.  

Playtime and then a walk into town with Tinkerbell under the pram.  

Our friends came over after lunch which is always nice but a little chaotic today which you can watch me talk about on my mini Vlog.  

After my husband changed one of my friends car tyres which was flat he spent some time with Timothy.  It’s always nice to see these two spending time together.  I’m so fortunate that I get to spend each and every day with Timothy but it’s always great to get five minutes when I know Timothy is happy and I can get on with another task like preparing Timothy’s dinner.  

This evenings menu fot Timothy was steak, noodles and butternut squash. 

After a busy day for Timothy and only 30 minutes sleep at 10.30am as we walked into town he was exhausted and very ready to go to sleep.  

So both of us in our it’s sleep time attire we headed up stairs to the nursery.  

I actually love just holding Timothy when he sleeps, it’s just so special to get to snuggle with such a bundle of joy.  However when it’s sleep time and I know your exhausted I’d appreciate if you actually go to sleep and stop waking up every 5 minutes.  

Happy Friday Friends!  


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