Time together

Today was a lovely day.  A little bit of tidying, ironing and a lot of time spent with my baby and my most fabulous hound.  

Tinkerbell and Timothy are adorable together.  I took this picture whilst preparing for this afternoons craftanoon where I was doing a mini Origami workshop.  

Tinkerbell very rarely spends time on her bed she is continually following Timothy, being followed by Timothy, trying to move away from Timothy or chewing on one of the ball pool balls that then has to get thrown away.  

This morning was wonderful spending time playing together.  To see Timothy smiling and giggling and not forgetting Tinkerbells happiness of spending time with her pack sparks great joy. 

This afternoon was great three babies and some origami bunnies along with a lovely hair accessories workshop, what could be better!  

The origami bunnies were easy to make and really and truly provide a relaxing activity.  These bunnies make excellent Easter decorations which can be thrown away if desired at the end of the season.  

One of the babies was happy relaxing, one very under the weather and Timothy had a stand off by one of the plug sockets and didn’t seemed very happy when one of the girls wouldn’t let him touch the plug socket which was of course to my delight, not Timothy’s who looked as if he was about to cry. 

This evening after dinner I made some more corn flake cakes.  My husband who today helped deliver two lambs request for pistachios and marshmallows to be added to the mix which for a most defiantly unique take on this chocolate easy treat.  

With Timothy in bed now to tidy up once again and make some baby flapjacks.  

Happy Thursday Friends!

I’d also like to share my mini Vlog …Craftanoon Fun…


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