Easter Decorating

I’ve decorated for Easter!  Spring has finally sprung and March has arrived.  

This morning I took Timothy to his class which as usual he seemed to really enjoy.

As usual Timothy went straight for the books before the class began.  

After the class Timothy had a nearly three hour nap which I really enjoyed.  I would of appreciated it even more knowing that it was going to last such a long time but nevertheless it was wonderful.  

I ate lunch, did a little tidying and got my Easter decorations out. 

It’s difficult to see and fully appreciate the little LED wooden bunnies but they really are very sweet and sit on a tiny lip which runs around the entrance of the spiral staircase leading to our family room.  

The entire house has bunnies hiding in all places, including the downstairs toilet.  

My carrot bunting I’ve hung in the kitchen, an appropriate room for such tasty looking fabric carrots.  

I put together a little basket of bunnies and sheep for Timothy.  

These fluffy friend’s didn’t stay in their basket very long.

I super glued a ceramic ornament rabbits foot back on and then got out the Easter napkins which I’ll have to ask my husband to refrain using as they are for show only and after all we use fabric napkins usually.  

I also think that Easter rabbit who goes by the name of Mrs Rabbit is missing.  I’m not sure where she is and come to think of it some other Easter decorations. 

My husband has said he’ll have a look in the basement cupboard for me let’s hope poor Mrs Rabbit is found, having your arm nearly chewd off a couple of years ago by a certain furry hound is traumatic enough let alone being left in a box over Easter that would be taking it too far.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  

Also just to share my mini Vlog with you, if you wish to watch click below.  


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