Pancake Day, YouTube Mould

Timothy last year was a very new baby and therefore didn’t get to enjoy any pancakes this year however it was pancakes all round!  

Timothy’s little pancake Tuesday tray.  I obviously didn’t give Timothy the tray other wise it would of all been on the floor.  Banana, Strawberry and pancake.  

My pancakes looked extremely appetising and tasted amazingly delicious.  Frozen fruits whiched I’d defrosted then heated up, honey, sugar and lemon.  

Timothy enjoyed eating his pancakes occasionally sharing them with Tinkerbell as he dropped bits over the edge of his high chair.   

Would love to share the link with you to my first ever Vlog, it’s only short so have a little watch…A little mould!..

Also my blog page yesterday came to the point of 100% capacity so I decided I’d continue writing my blog on a new blog page so please subscribe to this blog page so you don’t miss any of my pearls of wisdom!  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  


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